Fantastic Beasts Review

​Before going to watch this movie I had been told by several people that it was “amazing”, “the best film of the year”; one woman even told me it was better than the original Harry Potters to which my response … Continue reading

The Babadook

      Ok, first of all i had really high hopes for this film because most reviews said it was good, it had a high rating on here and all my friends had said it was a good movie. Now, … Continue reading

Into The Woods Review

Meryl slays as always. Meryl Streep is one of those actors that, when you are watching her you totally forget who she is and are so convinced you are watching the characters which she has brought to life. In fact, … Continue reading


I’m sure you have already heard, but UNICEF along with Star Wars Force For Change and Omaze are currently running a competition to win a role in the new Star Wars movie. You will get a role as well as a chance to meet the entire cast. All you have to do to win this chance is donate $10 to UNICEF. It is for anyone in the entire world to do. If you don’t live in the UK you will be flown to London. The Winner will be put up in a hotel and everything will be paid for. You also get these cool badges things for being a founding member. So far i have yoda and r2d2. (hopefully if it worked properly there should be a picture of my r2d2 one somewhere in this post) All you have to do is donate $10. That is all. Is that really a hard ask? You can even have the opportunity to take a friend. $10 isn’t that much, if you live in the uk its only something like £6.10 which is the same price as a book. This $10 could give a child an entire education.To donate or just to even look at what the money is going to visit



so, yeah, it was my 18th this week. I thought that I would be so excited and want to have a massive party but no, I had no enthusiasm what so ever for it. apparently though, I had to do something so I invited some friends around 50% of which couldn’t come. it was ok though.
my cake was gorgeous though! it was white chocolate and cream it was great. and, I got a cool new iPod so I don’t think I’ll ever use my blackberry again haha. another thing though, it’s my sisters 21st on Monday so it’s like two main birthdays all within four days but neither of us are doing anything, we can’t be bothered.