The Babadook


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Into The Woods Review

Meryl slays as always. Meryl Streep is one of those actors that, when you are watching her you totally forget who she is and are so convinced you are watching the characters which she has brought to life. In fact, … Continue reading

You can’t call The Daily Show “Racist” when you’re the one jumping to conclusions!

Ok, so, the main rule in life is not to piss off One Direction fans because, lets face it, they will probably kill someone one day. I’m not a One Direction fan myself because i think that they’re songs suck and they wouldn’t be this successful if they weren’t that pretty! Recently The Daily Show have done a sketch in which they say a member of One Direction has joined a terrorist group. While jokes relating to terrorism are nothing to laugh about as it is a very serious subject, the main cause of controversy was the fact they said a member of One Direction was referred to as a terrorist. One Direction fans, or “Directioners” as they like to be called, took to twitter and have branded The Daily Show as “racists” under the hashtag “TheDailyShowGoneTooFar”. Well, i think every single one of them have no right to call the show racists, in fact i believe it’s the “Directioners” who are the racists. The clip itself, and you will find me correct if you watch it yourself, never actually refers to any particular member of One Direction but the fans immediately jumped to the defence of Zayn Malik. This is what i find racist. As i recall, there are 5 members of One Direction but as soon as the fans heard the word “terrorist” they automatically defended Zayn Malik and then called The Daily Show racists, when in fact, if they opened their eyes, they are the ones being racist. Don’t get me wrong, i am not excusing what The Daily Show have done, jokes about terrorism should never get any sort of recognition for being funny or entertaining but i do not believe they are allowed to be called racists as they could have been talking about any member of the “band”. So the next time you directioners try to attack someone for being offensive, maybe don’t be hypocritical and be offensive yourselves.


I’m sure you have already heard, but UNICEF along with Star Wars Force For Change and Omaze are currently running a competition to win a role in the new Star Wars movie. You will get a role as well as a chance to meet the entire cast. All you have to do to win this chance is donate $10 to UNICEF. It is for anyone in the entire world to do. If you don’t live in the UK you will be flown to London. The Winner will be put up in a hotel and everything will be paid for. You also get these cool badges things for being a founding member. So far i have yoda and r2d2. (hopefully if it worked properly there should be a picture of my r2d2 one somewhere in this post) All you have to do is donate $10. That is all. Is that really a hard ask? You can even have the opportunity to take a friend. $10 isn’t that much, if you live in the uk its only something like £6.10 which is the same price as a book. This $10 could give a child an entire education.To donate or just to even look at what the money is going to visit


For the attention of the Government or just anyone who will listen really

I would like to address the very important issue of Education. Education is a right and a privilege, a right that quite a lot of people around the world unfortunately do not get to have. We spend millions of pounds in this country trying to give so many children around the world the right to an education so that they can grow up to be doctors or teachers and in turn try and save the world. So, it amazes me that in this downward spiraling country that everyday it seems the government come up with another idiotic idea to take education away from people. It isn’t enough that they promised to not raise university fees and then turned around and lied. This already cost so many people an education they wanted because they couldn’t afford to go to university, then the government have the audacity to turn around and complain that the number of people going to university is dropping. This year the government took away January exams, giving students even less of a chance to gain the grades they need for university, and then announced that they are cutting funding to anyone who would like to return to college for a third year to try again. I am currently doing a 3rd year at college and i am 100% certain that this saved my life. I have been given an incredible chance to try again and get into university, because honestly, i would not have fitted into a world where i had to get an “ordinary” job. This now means that any student sitting an A2 year has one chance to get that perfect grade or they are deprived of so many jobs and opportunities in the future. It is hard enough in a time like this where there are hardly any jobs available for anyone and the government are making this even harder by reducing the amount of people available to go to university. What if something happens on that one day? Do extraneous details not exist in the perfect money filled world of Eton educated politicians of the conservative party? What if, on that day of the exam you are ill, or someone you know has died? You still have to drag yourself in and do the best that you can do because our precious government has taken away any opportunity you have to try again. I know i couldn’t ace a test even on a day when i have a small headache, so i am certainly sure that anyone with a real reason couldn’t do it. Finally, today the government announced that exams are going to get harder. Which is just absolutely fantastic. Yes that was sarcasm. So, lets make a summary. People cannot afford to pay for university, people only have one chance to get their grades for university and now they have to try even harder because the exams are getting harder, as well as a changing grading system which is going to confuse student even more. I would certain like to see any of the members of parliament sit an A-Level exam and pass it because 90% don’t even look like they can brush their own hair. All adults assume that anyone under the age of 21 is a child and doesn’t know what they’re talking about but i would love, for just once, to see someone ask us what we want, what we feel is right for the education system, not someone who hasn’t been to school since O-Levels were a thing. We are the ones sitting the exams, ask us how hard or easy they are, don’t just assume because we are getting good grades that they are easy. Contrary to popular belief we try really hard in school and everyday the government come up with another BS rule to try and knock us down again. It is very unfair that we try very hard and then instead of getting the credit we deserve for an A or a B we are told that we’re only getting good grades because the exams aren’t hard enough. We do 6 hours a day and then get told we have to do 4 hours of work a night, this is what we have to do for the current exams so your saying you need to make them harder so we have to do more work is just ridiculous. Are we not allowed to eat or sleep? Did it ever occur to you for one second that we actually work hard and are intelligent rather than the exams being easy? I urge anyone who is reading this to pass it on because for just once i would like the government to listen to what we have to say and not just assume that we don’t have an opinion because we are to young to know what we’re talking about or don’t care. because we do, we do care. My English in this post may not be the perfect English, i may have put a comma in the wrong place, but don’t use that as an excuse to call me another child who is just trying to keep the exams easy because i am not. I personally do find them so hard, but i am lucky enough to have the time and resources to learn what i have been taught. Not everyone has the benefit to work when they get home or have an education at all, so don’t try and take it away from us, because everyone should have the right to learn, not be told that they aren’t intelligent and what they are doing is too easy. 


ok, so, im just going to get straight to the point.
On one hand, the version he told Anderson could very well be the actual version of how he faked his fall as it is very plausible. The “why would you tell me” comment by Anderson could simply have been placed there to give us all that “little bit of doubt” that Sherlock talked about in The Reichenbach Fall, to make us all think, did he do it that way, thats too simple.
On the other hand, i have seen the way Sherlock described to Anderson many times online yet both mark Gattis and Moffat said “no one had guessed correctly yet” which makes me think the way he “did it” was some other way. Also, what is the thing that sherlock did “out of character”? when addressing conspiracies about how he did it, moffat said “sherlock did something out of character, something we’ve all missed”.

omg Sherlock and Molly and Sherlock and Morairty!!!!

when Sherlock “scans” Mary many people have noticed it says “LIAR” quite a lot. Many people have also been saying she must be associated with the bad guys because it says liar. do you’re telling me you have never told one single lie?? i dont think so! if any of you have ever read the books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle you will know that Mary is not a bad guy, and in my own opinion i dont think Moffat and Mark would change this, especially something as big as that anyway. Also, for people who don’t like Mary, although i cannot understand why because she’s awesome, there is a very high probability that she is going to die, im sorry, but there just is ok, dont blame me! HOWEVER, as we all know Moffat and Mark like to hurt all our feelings quite a lot so i could be completely wrong, they could have changed the story entirely and made Mary evil and not have her die. Who knows when it comes to them two!

I Don’t Mean To Be Offensive, But Didn’t Jesus Have 2 Dads?

I would just like to make it clear before i start this, that i do not wish to offend anyone or their beliefs, i am merely voicing my own opinion. I am not a religious person, i never really have been. The peak of my religious beliefs is that me and my sister used to go to sunday school when we were little and that was probably only so that our mum could get a bit of peace and quite. I don’t understand much about religion, what i know i learnt from movies and books and general knowledge, so excuse me if some of my information is wrong. I would like to address the fact that some people of certain religions are still against same sex marriage and and everyone having the same rights.
I have been really stuck on what to tweet about these past few days so i was wondering around the internet aimlessly, observing peoples tweets and i cane across the hashtag #voiceyourunpopularopinion so whilst making a comment about One Directions new song i cane across a tweet that said “it is a sin to be gay and i will never support rights or marriage for gay couples”. Now, this person has every right to have their own opinion and voice it. What i do not however agree with is the list of hateful, mean and aggressive tweets he continued to send to people who disagreed with him! He was being so hurtful and rude to people who were also just trying to
voice their opinion, telling them that they are “sinners”. I am not getting onto to cyber bullying because that is a whole other topic that i could go on about for hours, i am here to ask a question, why are people of certain religions against same sex marriage? People say “the Bible says its a sin” but can i also point out that Jesus had two dads, or mums depending on whether you see God as a man or a woman. The Bible also says that Noah got 2 of every animal on one boat which, quite frankly, is impossible. Doesn’t the Bible also say “love thy neighbour” if you want to be treat with rights and privileges and be able to love who ever it is that you want to love, then shouldn’t everyone else?
Now, i would still like to make it clear that i do not wish to offend anyone or any religion, but i would just like to tell you that i am also not okay with the mean comment being sent to some of my friends just because of who they love and because they want the same rights as everyone else. That is not ok! We live in a universe that is so big and currently we don’t have any proof that there is anyone else out there, that makes us so tiny and so precious and we don’t recognise this, instead we choose to fight and argue about something that is not really worth fighting about. People should be able to love who ever they want to no matter what.

Now this has been a little serious so i would now just like to leave you with a link to a musical that i hope you will enjoy:

thank you for reading if you got this far and didn’t give up and just send me hate on twitter for writing this. I was just not happy with the hurtful comments i saw underneath that guys twitter feed and it annoyed me so much that people who are very religious and look to God for guidance use his name and the Bible to condone the offence that they give to people and it just wasn’t right!

thank you